Alternatives Of The 2000'S Episodes

August 12, 2020

Ring of Honor: Round Robin Challenge 2002

The second ever show for ROH. Dragon. Daniels. Ki. Three awesome matches to see who the best in Ring of Honor is. Although there is no title yet, the journey is absolutely entertaining. That entertainment manifests through some great matches and some god...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

July 01, 2020

TNA Turning Point 2004

Cookiegate, Macho Man, and one of the greatest matches in TNA history, would more could you ask for? At the surface, this may just seem like any other TNA PPV, but this turned out to be one of the most pivotal shows in the company's history; and show th...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S TNA

June 04, 2020

Ring of Honor: An Era of Honor Begins

Let's revisit ROH's first ever show....the journey begins. The year of 2002 was a strange time, both in wrestling and in the world in general; and that is very much exemplified here by ROH's inaugural event: An Era Of Honor Begins. Eddie Guerrero vs. Sup...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

May 01, 2020

TNA Victory Road 2004

It's a new era in wrestling. TNA is out of the Asylum and into the Impact Zone with their FIRST EVER three hour PPV. They set the tone for a great run here at Victory Road 2004. TNA had some great aspects to it in this era....and some not so great aspect...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S TNA