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Pro Wrestling commentary and tomfoolery for fans who want to be fans. A blend of the old and new, the mainstream and non-mainstream.

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Modern Alternatives PROGRESS Wrestling

PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 19 - Super Strong Style 16

May 11, 2022

The inaugural Super Strong Style 16 tournament! Talent from all over the globe comes to PROGRESS to participate in a sixteen man tournament to crown a number one contender for the PROGRESS Championship. We also get the first…

Alternatives Of The 2000'S TNA

TNA Final Resolution 2006

May 4, 2022

It's Sting! It's Homicide! It's…..its….Shannon Moore…..I guess a show can't be perfect. But this is an era of TNA where the X-Division is on fire, the main event scene is exciting, and TNA is really becoming the hot new comp…

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

ECW Heat Wave 1995

April 27, 2022

Axl Rotten literally walked through broken glass to get his title shot, and he gets it on this show! We also get two steel cage matches, a Hack Myers re-run, and STORMIN' MIKE NORMIN. The stars are clearly out to play, folks…

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

ROH March 2003: Expect the Unexpected and Night of Champions

April 20, 2022

Two shows, one legendary month for Ring oh Honor. The beginning of a legendary feud in CM Punk vs Raven, a legendary title reign in Samoa Joe, and a legendary career in the Briscoes. All of those start in March 2003…oh and H…

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE

WWF Summerslam 1995

April 13, 2022

Let's "FACE THE HEAT" with Visagra in the main event, Kane as a dentist, and Barry Horowitz. Bertha Faye dominates, we get a rematch of the CLASSIC ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels; and in general, we get …

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

WCW Fall Brawl 1995

April 6, 2022

Not sure what's more ridiculous, The Dungeon of Doom or Johnny B Badd's names for his 15 finishers. We'll let you be the judge of that. We got WAR GAMES, Arn vs Flair, and Sgt. Craig Pittman repelling from the ceiling. Oh an…