Hey there, my name is The Hardest Part of the Ring, and I’m the host of the The Apron Bump Podcast.

Professional wrestling fan since 1998. Decided in 2019 to turn this lifelong passion into something more. Podcasting is something that I’ve thought about doing for years, but the one thing holding me back was one simple question: “What can I bring to the wrestling podcasting community that doesn’t already exist”.

But eventually, I just bought the mic. I got a host. And I was underway. Through the Wednesday Night Wars, my love for retro wrestling, and my constant thirst for new alternative promotions to follow, I decided to formulate this podcast like a buffet; similar to how pro wrestling itself is. Having something for everybody is my focus.

When it comes to wrestling podcasts, what is going to make you listen? Commentary on the current product? Reviews of retro events? Insight to alternative wrestling? Conversation on the wrestling community and the art of pro wrestling as whole? Whatever it is, I got you covered. Hit the “Episodes” button at the top of the page, and you’ll see the different categories of topics that I love to talk about. Whatever it is you seek, Hard has got you covered.

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