WWF Attitude Era Episodes

September 15, 2021

WWF No Way Out 2002

Wait...NWO...AT NWO?!?!?! HAHAHAH! I have so many questions about this show....why is Mr Perfect here? Why are RVD and Goldust fighting? Why is Stephanie McMahon's acting so horrendous? We try to answer all these questions and more on this episode; it's ...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

July 28, 2021

WWF Royal Rumble 2002

Val Venis returns and Ric Flair lays pipe. Oh, and Triple H is back and is in it to win the Rumble too, I guess. What an insane show this was: a Street Fight between Vince McMahon and Ric Flair, many returns in the Royal Rumble, and Nick Patrick sexually...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

June 16, 2021

WWF Vengeance 2001

4 men. 3 matches. 1 winner. 47 run-ins. Let's crown us a first-ever Undisputed Champion! While that may be what you associate this PPV with, this show is loaded with tons of shenanigans. We get a bizarre match between Matt and Jeff Hardy, an absolute ban...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

June 09, 2021

WWF: The Year of 2001 (Tier List)

Taking a look back at the year of 2001 for WWF, and ranking each PPV presented by the company   Full Youtube Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm0N9lXG3ho&ab_channel=ApronBump   Follow me!   ApronBump.com @Apron_Bump on Instagram https://www.inst...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

April 21, 2021

WWF Survivor Series 2001 w/ Justin Credible

Joined by an Alliance member, Justin Credible! Justin and Hard recap the culmination of the infamous Invasion storyline. Justin's run in WWF was hindered by this storyline, and by several other outside forces that are discussed in this episode. Survivor ...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

March 10, 2021

WWF No Mercy 2001

This Invasion storyline sure has NO MERCY on it's fanbase. Join myself and JD from Red Leaf Retrocast as we getting into some previously untapped topics regarding the Invasion storyline and our in-depth recap of the final stop before Survivor Series: Win...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

January 20, 2021

WWF Unforgiven 2001

You read the title, and you probably thought "Hmm, I guess this is the show where Kurt Angle won the title, but what else happened?". Admittedly, I had the same thought before watching this show, but there turned out to be a TON of noteworthy stuff that ...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

December 02, 2020

WWF Summerslam 2001

The "Invasion" is firmly underway, and we're starting to see some of ridiculousness that this storyline brought to the audience. It's becoming progressively more clear that we're not getting Goldberg, or Hogan, or Flair, or anyone that really embodies wh...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

October 21, 2020

WWF Invasion 2001

What a wacky one this episode is! A few road bumps in this one but it all fits into the theme of the Invasion and what a fumbling that was for WWF. Although, was it really bad? Or just bad timing? Did WWF actually carry this storyline out how they should...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

September 16, 2020

WWF King of the Ring 2001

You don't know how strong glass can be until you watch King of the Ring 2001. Concussions, broken necks, broken backs, broken tailbones, and broken hands aside.....this was an amazing show. And yes, all of those injuries ACTUALLY occurred on this one sho...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

August 05, 2020

WWF Judgment Day 2001

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Attitude Era PPV review? I know I do. I have ZERO relocation of this show and that makes this episode all the more enjoyable; like watching it for the first time. And a very polarizing DJ Storms is here is join me.The Two Man...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

July 07, 2020

WWF Backlash 2001

WWF is in the middle of 2001 and is really hitting on all cylinders. With Wrestlemania 17 in the rear view mirror, we get a look at heel Stone Cold, an amazing Ultimate Submission match, arguably the great Hardcore Match of all time, and the Duchess of Q...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

May 29, 2020

WWF Wrestlemania 17

Arguably the greatest Wrestlemania of all time, and not just because Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette worked a match. This show had everything: Spectacle, technical wrestling, first-evers, car crashes, historic moments...and everything in between. Let's r...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

March 24, 2020

WWF No Way Out 2001

The year of 2001 was a crazy great time for wrestling. Let's hop back on the Road to Wrestlemania in from back in the day and revisit No Way Out 2001 to review the entire show, and discuss why Stephanie McMahon vs. Trish Stratus was the greatest womens m...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

January 19, 2020

WWF Royal Rumble 2001

Going back in time for this podcast as we review WWF Royal Rumble 2001. We break down the whole card, and go over why this is one of the best WWF PPVs of all time. Only thing that would have made it better is if Honky Tonk Man won the Rumble. Don't forg...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE