Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S Episodes

September 08, 2021

WCW Slamboree 1995

This show follows one of the worst PPVs of all-time....was this one just as bad? Not at all. And we can attribute that to Wahoo McDaniel vs Dick Murdoch and the lack of Jim Duggan. Seeds get planted for the Dungeon of Doom, we get a GIANT debut, and Paul...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

August 18, 2021

ECW Three Way Dance 1995

E C DUB! When you watch an ECW show, you want blood, cigarettes, sexuality, and Rick Steiner. And this show has all of that! We got Sandman vs Shane Douglas for the ECW Title, a huge catalyst in the Tommy Dreamer/Raven feud, and an amazing match between ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

August 11, 2021

WWF Wrestlemania 11

Bam Bam vs. LT. Shawn tries to screw over Diesel's push. The worst Undertaker match ever. Pam Anderson hates everything about this, and so do I. There is so much to beat up about this show, strap in.    Joined by Dave from the Ruthless Aggression Era ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE

July 14, 2021

WCW Uncensored 1995

This may be the dumbest wrestling show ever. For so many reasons. This show had  bad gimmicks, zero logic, and seemingly just existed for the picture at the very end. But at least there's an ULTIMATE surprise! That's right. Renegade. And that's only the ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

June 30, 2021

ECW Return of the Funker 1995

Barbed wire, Hack Myers, and Terry Funk bleeding out of his ears. What more could you ask for from an ECW episode? In this episode, we recap Marty Janetty stealing the show, the latest chapter of the Rotten brothers and their gruesome battles, and DC Dra...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

June 02, 2021

WCW Superbrawl V

Should have called this show "MedicoreBrawl V", am I right folks? WCW being WCW in this show; bad finishes, lots of yelling at the camera in backstage promos, and Paul Roma getting himself fired. Hogan defends the WCW Title in the main event against Vade...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

May 12, 2021

ECW Double Tables 1995

There were more tables on this show than sober people. Jk. Kind of. But this show represents early ECW in a nutshell....a Texas Deathmatch, Sabu being a maniac, a woman in a wedding dress receiving a piledriver....you know, the usual. This show was a non...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

April 28, 2021

WWF Royal Rumble 1995

Got a hankerin' for Mantaur? Dick Murdoch? IRS vs Undertaker? Well all your prayers have been answered with this episode! Royal Rumble kicks off the ACCLAIMED year of 1995 for wrestling, and we begin the road to Wrestlemania 11. Bret and Diesel have a cl...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE

March 31, 2021

WCW Starrcade 1994

Ready to hear about Brutus Beefcake main eventing the biggest show of the year? WELL TOO BAD, THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GETTING. The culmination of the acclaimed "masked man attacking Hulk Hogan" storyline, the Three Faces of Fear running roughshod, and Mr. T. ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

March 17, 2021

WWF Survivor Series 1994

How can you go wrong with insane Bob Backlund? Or with ample amounts of little people? Well, listen to this podcast and you'll find out. We got 5 vs 5 matches, Yokozuna vs Undertaker in a Casket Match, and most importantly, Chuck Norris. Join myself, the...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE

February 24, 2021

WCW Halloween Havoc 1994

BOOOOOOO! No no, that's not that crowd's reaction to Hogan, that's a ghost sound. Because Halloween. Get it? Well you'll also get a smashing (pumpkins) episode here covering one of WCW's more prominent PPVs! This show has everything: Career vs Career in ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

February 03, 2021

ECW November to Remember 1994

Let's get EXTREME.....ly absurd with this episode. The first "Extreme Championship Wrestling" event ever is here, and what a time capsule to get into. We got a blind Sandman, Dean Malenko chloroforming his opponent, and the infamous Chris Benoit / Sabu n...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

January 27, 2021

WCW Fall Brawl 1994

WAR GAMES! We don't actually get to hear William Regal say those iconic words on this event, but we do get him in a powdered wig so...that's something? In addition to that, we have a hilariously exhausting promo/phone call between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flai...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

December 16, 2020

WCW Bash at the Beach 1994

In this episode, we take a journey back to 1994 to recap Hulk Hogan's WCW debut! Not enough for you? It's Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair for the WCW World Title! Still not enough? Mr T is there!....for some reason. In addition to this monumental dream match, th...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

November 11, 2020

WWF Summerslam 1994

This episode is so hot, it’s scary!!! The year of 1994 is widely perceived as a down year for wrestling; and by many metrics, it is. However, the Summer of 94 sees so many impactful seeds being planted: Hogan debuting in WCW, Shane Douglas dropping the N...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE