October 20, 2021

ROH Night of the Butcher 2002 (Ft. HC Loc)

Joined by ECW and ROH legend, HC Loc! One half of the Carnage Crew, who are in the main event of this show. It's The Carnage Crew vs Homicide and Abdullah The Butcher. It's even more insane that you would imagine. Loc walks us through the insanity of the...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

October 13, 2021

PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 15

It's Titles vs Careers! It's Pete Dunne! It's Sting (kind of)! This Chapter is packed with action from start to finish, with great matches, great storylines, and a rarity in British wrestling...great promos! And we get the first-hand experience from some...

Modern Alternatives PROGRESS Wrestling

October 06, 2021

ECW Hostile City Showdown 1995

Looking for a podcast about piledriving women and Terry Funk trying to light Mick Foley's genitals on fire? Well you've come to the right episode! Blood, guts, and the beginning of Dean Douglas and Faarooq Asad. We get the next chapters in various sagas;...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

September 29, 2021

WWF In Your House 1 (1995)

Were the dark matches better than the actual card? Possibly. But at least Hakushi and Stephanie Wiand are here. WWF recovers well from the utter disaster that was Wrestlemania 11. New stars being built all throughout the card, quality wrestling, and lots...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE

September 22, 2021

TNA Sacrifice 2005

TNA is going to Spike, the three-way feud between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels gets kicked off with a classic between AJ and Joe, Jeff Jarrett gets hardcore, and Shocker is still here...for some reason. Thus far, the most quality PPV of ...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S TNA

September 15, 2021

WWF No Way Out 2002

Wait...NWO...AT NWO?!?!?! HAHAHAH! I have so many questions about this show....why is Mr Perfect here? Why are RVD and Goldust fighting? Why is Stephanie McMahon's acting so horrendous? We try to answer all these questions and more on this episode; it's ...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

September 08, 2021

WCW Slamboree 1995

This show follows one of the worst PPVs of all-time....was this one just as bad? Not at all. And we can attribute that to Wahoo McDaniel vs Dick Murdoch and the lack of Jim Duggan. Seeds get planted for the Dungeon of Doom, we get a GIANT debut, and Paul...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

September 01, 2021

PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 14

Samoa Joe vs Rampage Brown. Quit acting like you need another reason to listen.   Joined by Charlie from the GetCho Podcast! Check out Charlie and the rest of the GetCho! guys on their podcast: “GetCho! Comedy Wrestling Podcast” wherever wherever you lis...

Modern Alternatives PROGRESS Wrestling

August 25, 2021

ROH Scramble Madness 2002

Scramble matches are amazing and I will hear no other opinion. Indy spotfests are fun, and ROH is really leaning into it with this show. On top of this, we have further developments with the faction of The Prophecy, as it gets a new member. Steve Corino ...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

August 18, 2021

ECW Three Way Dance 1995

E C DUB! When you watch an ECW show, you want blood, cigarettes, sexuality, and Rick Steiner. And this show has all of that! We got Sandman vs Shane Douglas for the ECW Title, a huge catalyst in the Tommy Dreamer/Raven feud, and an amazing match between ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

August 11, 2021

WWF Wrestlemania 11

Bam Bam vs. LT. Shawn tries to screw over Diesel's push. The worst Undertaker match ever. Pam Anderson hates everything about this, and so do I. There is so much to beat up about this show, strap in.    Joined by Dave from the Ruthless Aggression Era ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WWF New Generation Era WWF / WWE

August 04, 2021

TNA No Surrender 2005

Is Rhino in the building?! Probably. Raven vs Abyss on top for the NWA Title in a DOG COLLAR MATCH. Brutal stuff. Lots of great X-Division on this show, including a MOTY contender in AJ Styles vs X-Pac. No, really. An amazing match. We also see great stu...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S TNA

July 28, 2021

WWF Royal Rumble 2002

Val Venis returns and Ric Flair lays pipe. Oh, and Triple H is back and is in it to win the Rumble too, I guess. What an insane show this was: a Street Fight between Vince McMahon and Ric Flair, many returns in the Royal Rumble, and Nick Patrick sexually...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

July 21, 2021

PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 13

You'll definitely hate Paul Robinson after this episode. UK wrestling veteran Shady Nattrass joins the show to provide his first-hand insight on the talent involved in this chapter, and to provide his analysis of the matches and PROGRESS as a whole. We r...

Modern Alternatives PROGRESS Wrestling

July 14, 2021

WCW Uncensored 1995

This may be the dumbest wrestling show ever. For so many reasons. This show had  bad gimmicks, zero logic, and seemingly just existed for the picture at the very end. But at least there's an ULTIMATE surprise! That's right. Renegade. And that's only the ...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

July 07, 2021

ROH All-Star Extravaganza 2002

The debut of CM Punk! Also the debut of Homicide stabbing people with forks! A star-studded show including Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles, Paul London vs Amazing Red, and an appearance from Tommy Dreamer! A very influential show in the history of Ring of H...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

June 30, 2021

ECW Return of the Funker 1995

Barbed wire, Hack Myers, and Terry Funk bleeding out of his ears. What more could you ask for from an ECW episode? In this episode, we recap Marty Janetty stealing the show, the latest chapter of the Rotten brothers and their gruesome battles, and DC Dra...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S ECW

June 23, 2021

TNA Slammiversary 2005

It's time for the FIRST-EVER Slammiversary! TNA celebrates it's 3rd anniversary with the debut of Samoa Joe, and King of the Mountain main event, and Monty Sopp. We discuss the transition period this was for TNA, their developing TV deal situation, and S...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S TNA

June 16, 2021

WWF Vengeance 2001

4 men. 3 matches. 1 winner. 47 run-ins. Let's crown us a first-ever Undisputed Champion! While that may be what you associate this PPV with, this show is loaded with tons of shenanigans. We get a bizarre match between Matt and Jeff Hardy, an absolute ban...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

June 09, 2021

WWF: The Year of 2001 (Tier List)

Taking a look back at the year of 2001 for WWF, and ranking each PPV presented by the company   Full Youtube Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm0N9lXG3ho&ab_channel=ApronBump   Follow me!   ApronBump.com @Apron_Bump on Instagram https://www.inst...

WWF Attitude Era WWF / WWE

June 07, 2021

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

An in-depth analysis on one of the biggest fights of all time.   Follow me!   ApronBump.com @Apron_Bump on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Apron_Bump/ @ApronBump on Twitter https://twitter.com/ApronBump “Apron Bump” on Facebook https://www.facebo...

Current Era Evergreen Topics

June 02, 2021

WCW Superbrawl V

Should have called this show "MedicoreBrawl V", am I right folks? WCW being WCW in this show; bad finishes, lots of yelling at the camera in backstage promos, and Paul Roma getting himself fired. Hogan defends the WCW Title in the main event against Vade...

Wrestling Wars Of The 90'S WCW

May 26, 2021

ROH Glory By Honor 2002

Time for the birth of a Ring of Honor staple, Glory By Honor! So much to get into with this future tent pole event for ROH, including the beginning of Homicide as a singles superstar, the debut of Samoa Joe in a BRUTAL match with Low Ki, and Paul London ...

Alternatives Of The 2000'S ROH

May 19, 2021

PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 12

They got a bigger room! PROGRESS Wrestling continues to explode and gain a following across Europe, and that is evidenced by their debut here at Ch. 12 at the Electric Ballroom! Bigger venue, better production, same great wrestling. We see early iteratio...

Modern Alternatives PROGRESS Wrestling