Brock Lesnar's Debut and How That Represented The Struggles Of Women's Wrestling

In the early 2000s, there were certain steps forward made for women's wrestling.

But boy were there a bunch of steps back as well.

The debut of Brock Lesnar is more ludicrous than you remember.

Ft @TheKyTyShow from @SmackedRawPod

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The Brand Extension is here! Hulk Hogan is fighting for the WWF Title! Paul Heyman has Lita's thongs! What a weird transition period this is for WWF...but a super fun time to talk about. A hidden gem of a PPV, with a ton of amazing matches and fun moments. The debut of Brock Lesnar, Triple H vs Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold vs Undertaker, and so much more. Hit play, dummy.

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