RJ Singh on his Career vs. Career Match With Stixx | PROGRESS Wrestling Ch 16 Review -THE APRON BUMP

RJ Singh gives his first-hand perspective of the Career vs Career match, where he faced off against @Stixx_1

Everything from the entrance, the match......and to think RJ almost knocked Stixx out right at the start 😂

Ft @RJSinghIsKing

Full Episode:

Career vs. Career. RJ Singh vs Stixx. And Mr. Singh is here to talk all about it! This episode has great insight from RJ in terms of his monumental match on this Chapter, as well as the card as a whole. We finally find out what FSU means, the Nazi Staff is no more, and The Khali Chop is the most devastating move in wrestling. Plus we discuss raffles, barbed wire, and much much more. RJ was a constant figure in the golden era of PROGRESS, no better guest to have on this topic! Check it out!

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