The Most "ECW" Finish Of All Time - ECW Three Way Dance 1995 Review | THE APRON BUMP PODCAST Ep 86

It doesn't get any more "ECW" than this. It's almost like a parody at this point.

And this entire show is full of this type of ridiculousness, listen to the full episode wherever you let me inside your ears/eyes.

Ft @JuiceProPodcast

Full episode:

E C DUB! When you watch an ECW show, you want blood, cigarettes, sexuality, and Rick Steiner. And this show has all of that! We got Sandman vs Shane Douglas for the ECW Title, a huge catalyst in the Tommy Dreamer/Raven feud, and an amazing match between Eddie Guerrero and 2 Cold Scorpio. All of this and much much more; TONS to recap in this show, let's get to it!

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